UNILAG’s Admission Racket: Officials Accused Of Selling Admission To Unqualified Applicants

An administrative staff at the University of Lagos has told SaharaReporters that some of the institution’s top officials were conniving with the Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB) to deny admission to a significant number of qualified applicants. According to the source, the university officials then corruptly sold admission slots to mediocre or unqualified candidates.

The source told SaharaReporters that several wards or children of the university’s staff were also affected by the scam as JAMB abruptly threw them to universities to which they never applied.

Our highly placed source disclosed that more than 33,000 candidates chose the University of Lagos as their first choice in JAMB entrance exams, adding that university officials told JAMB that UNILAG would only admit 9,000 applicants, from a pool of those who scored 250 points and above in their JAMB examination. The national average of JAMB scores is 180.

Our source claimed that UNILAG officials connived to offer admission to numerous students whose scores were as low as 220. “Many of those admitted with scores below 250 were either connected to UNILAG authorities or paid money to secure admission,” our source claimed.

According to our source, one applicant who scored 290 in the JAMB entrance exam and who wanted to study medicine was not offered admission. “The student was dropped due to his lack of connection here [UNILAG]. Yet, many others with lower scores were given admission,” our source said.

Our source also claimed that JAMB officials were colluding with private universities to send students to them against the students’ first choice of government-owned universities. He said many parents whose wards selected UNILAG as their first choice had protested against JAMB and the university authorities engaging in rallies that nearly paralyzed the institution on Wednesday. “The protests are likely to escalate in the coming days unless action is taken to correct the anomalies in the way UNILAG chooses its students,” said the source.


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