BOKO-HARAM: UN has Advice for Buhari

B/H: UN Has An Advice
For Buhari Over
Recaptured Towns.
The UN has advised the
Nigerian government to
clean up the communities
liberated from Boko
Haram to enable
displaced persons return
The UN Resident
Coordinator, Dr Daouda
Toure, who made the appeal
in Gombe at the screening
of 2,000 Boko Haram
victims from Adamawa,
Borno and Yobe for a one-
year skills acquisition
programme, stated that
many of the recovered
communities had been
contaminated with the
rubbish left behind by the
activities of Boko Haram
and therefore, were unsafe
to return to.
According to PM News
reports, he said: “We must
clean the North East,
especially the places that are
crisis-ridden, of the rubbish
and the carcasses of the
corpses of the people that
litter such places.
“Their wells that have been
contaminated by all these
corpses must be cleaned up
or completely sealed up and
other means of water
“The places must also be
examined to ensure that
landmines are not buried
and endangered the lives of
the returnees.”
Mr Matthew Alao, the
Conflict Prevention and
Peace Building Analyst, who
represented Toure, explained
that the Internally Displaced
Persons (IDPs) were eager to
return and that most of
them had gory tales of their
experience in strange lands
and would like to return
home, especially as the rains
were setting in.
“If we are to really work we
must move ahead
immediately but I’m not
sure the government is
moving at the pace of the
“The people want to return
immediately and you can
also understand why they
want to return; they have
been in strange lands for
“Some of them are already
coming back and most of
the people coming back are
giving sad stories of their
experience in the
neighbouring countries.
“Home is home; they want
to come home but how do
we move ahead to ensure
that the liberated areas are
cleaned up? This is very
“If you don’t clean up the
communities and you allow
the IDPs to return there, you
are endangering their lives
in terms of epidemics.
“You are also endangering
their lives in terms of even
being killed by landmines
because landmines may be
there that can blow anybody
“So the situation must be
right, must be conducive for
the people to return home
and this has to be led by the
Recall that deputy senate
president, Ike Ekweremadu,
recently expressed worries
over the increasing state
of Boko Haram attacks
under the president
Muhammadu Buhari-led


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